The Environmental Protection Department (Big Valley EPA) operates to sustain and protect human health, cultural resources and animals, water quality and the overall environment.  This is done through research, planning, applying for funding, and implementing projects that protect the Tribe’s environment. The department has received various sources of funding including General Assistance Program (GAP) towards the building of administrative and individual program capacities. The Tribe has approved ordinances for Pollution, Health and Sanitation, Water Quality, Solid Waste and have upheld the role of environmental protection as a core objective and goal in planning and development.

Activities on Tribal lands are also subject to the provisions of Tribal regulations and policies including the 1995 Big Valley Rancheria Pollution Ordinance, the 1999 Big Valley Rancheria Master Plan, the 2000 Big Valley Rancheria Public Safety Ordinance, the 2004 Big Valley Rancheria Spill Prevention and Countermeasure Control Plan, the 2008 Stormwater Management Program for Konocti Vista Casino, the 2008 Housing Stormwater Management Program, the 2010 Floodplain Management Ordinance for the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indians, the 2015 Big Valley Rancheria Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, and several federal environmental laws, including the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Clean Water Act (CWA).



To ensure that human health, culturally important plants and animals, Clear Lake water quality, and the overall environment are healthy and thriving, allowing the continued sustainable use of the environment for economic vitality and cultural heritage protection.



To properly plan for the needs, both current and future for the Tribe, to meet the goals of natural resource protection.

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Water Quality Dashboard

Current Clear Lake Cyanotoxin results

Current Air Quality Monitoring results  

Current Met Station Data 


It's important to ensure that Tribal knowledge and values are woven into the decision making process with local agencies.  Our efforts have led to the development of these following projects: 

Cal-WATCH Clear Lake Private Systems Drinking Water Study (with Tracking California)

Clear Lake Drinking Water Leaflet (with CDPH, Waterboards, LC Water Resources)

Nutrient Management in the Clear Lake Watershed (with Elem, Waterboards, LC Water Resources)

Clear Lake Cyanobacteria Pamphlet (with Elem, LC Wtr Resources/Environmental Health/Public Health)


Sarah Ryan, Environmental Director (707)263-3924 x132 and (707)349-4040 cell

Alix Tyler, Water Quality Program Manager x134

​Katherine Schrade, Environmental Specialist x131

Richard White, Solid Waste Technician

Environmental Protection Department